Finn Catling

I’m a critical care doctor and machine learning researcher based in London. This blog introduces some of my research, as well as other things that interest me.


Towards automated clinical coding

In my new paper with Georgios Spithourakis and Sebastian Riedel, we use recurrent neural networks to predict clinical codes from patients' discharge summaries. In doing so, we grapple with the idiosyncracies of clinical text and develop a method for learning better representations of rare diseases. A man attends the emergency department of his local hospital, having developed fevers and breathlessness. Whilst being assessed, he interacts with numerous nurses, doctors and other hospital staff....


I’m an academic critical care doctor working in London, UK. I do translational healthcare research using machine learning and natural language processing. My recent projects include exploitation of structured knowledge for automated clinical coding, data anonymisation using generative adversarial networks, risk prediction for patients undergoing emergency laparotomy, early prediction of intubation on Intensive Care Units, and phenotyping of ventilator-associated pneumonia in electronic health records. ...